Manipulating the Power of Arrogance


On any given day, a human being is plagued by a host of emotions both within and beyond his grip. It is in this rapture and through its narrow prisms that many view the society and prevailing reality around them. It is thus rightfully said that when you are all puffy, just take a deep breath and you will realize that life is still beautiful and that it is man who complicates it.

But among the varied emotions that line up the shelves, arrogance is one such emotion that has proven to have a mind of her own. An art to master, this emotion has been subjected to ridicule over the years that today, its mere mention, can raise eyebrows even without giving her a fair trial. Have we not realized that in our lives we use the term arrogance for a wide variety of excuses other than its actual appeal?

From identifying with the pride of the wise to dismissing the opposite sex, as your advances were not heeded to, this emotion has been both used and misused equally much to the benefit of vested interests. So then, what exactly is Arrogance? Is she our friend or Foe?

Paired with the likes of Self Importance, Egoism, Superiority Complex, Haughtiness and more, it’s no brainer that the lines that define this emotion, lies under a carpet of mist and thus is easily used as is willed. Arrogance however, is an emotion that seeks and deserves to be used by those who have that discerning eye and who can respect her for who she is rather that what she is.

Unlike the other similes with whom she is cast, Arrogance, is an art and often a test of intelligence. Here, it’s not the person who is arrogant but the action that makes him be perceived as arrogant. It is similar to the fact that being wise is as short – lived as the action or statement one delivers vis a vis a lifetime trophy. But when we tend to scratch the surface, this emotion, eludes us further with a twist. Did you know that there is such a thing as Good and Bad Arrogance?

When a person has achieved, in the minds of another, enough weightage in his field of excellence or is simply elder than another, and begins to throw his weight around then the reality that unfolds is more likely to be tolerated under the banner of “Good Arrogance” and is simply washed away by saying that he has earned that right. But if the same is done by another at the start of a blind date or with work colleagues you have just met, it is ear marked as “Bad Arrogance”. But whatever the reasoning, it’s not fair to arm twist an emotion to suit vested interests as it is to confer that there is good and bad terrorism in this world.

But whether good or bad, the fact remains that there is very little understanding over this emotion and that to many, its true face can be an acquired taste. Mastering Arrogance is as fine an art as many a Martial Art practised widely in the orient, as it takes just the same amount of tact, diplomacy and agility as a Martial Art requires in Stamina, Concentration and Power.

Thus, the next time you find yourself in a situation where the reality perceives itself as being arrogant, verify for yourself before you give that certificate that could have repercussions beyond your control. This would be a travesty knowing that you had the power to stop it all along!