Democracy we say?


Things that concern man most vitally are the most complex ones to define. The more he tries to give an explanation the more he sinks to the bottom and gets lost in utter irrelevancy.

Nobody has successfully given a true definition of democracy that would quench the thirst of the new generation up to now. As far as we know that Abraham Lincoln has vociferated that democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Unfortunately, it has become a blank check in the hands of a minority of elected people who in turn may transcribe the amount according to their wishes. They hold an absolute power and this absolute power tends to corrupt their mind and this is the main cause which threatens the very spirit of our democratic system.

History has witnessed how cunningly ambitious politicians make their way to the summit of states by hook or by crook with the aim of holding absolute power to rule over the destiny of the citizens. Such people make use of all possible means to achieve their ends at the expense of the very people who has plebiscite them.

They are prepared to sacrifice the welfare of all only for the sake of securing their own interests. “ La population fine done nou enn mandat et nou fine pran lengagement pou servi le pays et la population ki fine fer nou confians.  Nou respecte zot choix et nou pou all ziska la fin nou manda ”.

This is the mantra they keep on reciting to justify their legitimacy to govern the country as if it has become their private property. “Government is government and government decides”.

Hazaaron toufaan kioun na aa jae, hazaaron jaan kioun na chala jae aur hazaron gharon ko kioun nuqsaan na ho jae, hamein oun se kya lena aur dena hai aur na hamein kissi ki parwaa hai. Hamein apni baadshahi se kaam hai aur apne mahal ke bachao ki fikr hai. Janata se kya kaam hai bhayya. Bass ounke peeth par baith kar mazaa ouraate chalein. Yehi hamaare liye kaafi hai. Raaja aur raani ki jai ho”. This seems to be the reality in Mauritius in the name of democracy.   

The recent events which occurred one after another namely “the scandal surrounding the supposed financial transaction of Alvaro Sobrino, the seizure of 135kg of heroine followed by series of arrests in connection with drugs trafficking has shaken the whole edifice of our social and political system. The population is just watching helplessly how political games are ruining their life and putting the life of the forthcoming generation at edge. Keen observers have remarked that presently politics has nothing in common with ethics and morality.. “Moralite na pa plein ventre ou mo p**** lor zot”, has badly brought utter disgust.

What a blow to the sacral engagement taken under oath to serve the nation at large? Hence the legitimization of political power and authority which are the pre-requisite of political and social changes have suffered severe blow and consequently we find ourselves standing at the edge of a burning volcano which may explode at any time.

Ignoring the writings on the walls and misinterpreting the silence of the people that “tout est pour le mieux dans le meilleur de monde” will definitely lead this government to its downfall.

Beware! The cunning method of make-believe policy to control the mind of people, from the simple social groupings to the complex mass society, is the greatest mistake being committed by this government.  The outdated archaic technique applied some decades back by using state televisions to keep the mass under deep anesthesia and shooting their brains with dope to deprive them from thinking properly no longer works. The general electoral verdict of 2014 is a compelling example.

Actually we are living in an electronic age. Electronic revolution has brought the world under the fingers of the mob. Every second news are flooding in social media and updating the mind of the actual and new generation everywhere in globe.

The high tides of frustration and the heavy waves of retaliation arising in every corner will certainly bring about a devastating tsunami in a very near future and will wipe out all delegated political powers from its very root.

“Na rehegi baans aur na bajegi bansri”.The sun and the stars which appeared for just a while on the blue sky are now covered with the thick black clouds of corruption, favoritism and monstrous lies provide no hope for the  desperate population. Wait and see!