[Editorial] Drugs, a curse on our society


For sometimes, now our attention has been drawn on drug proliferation in our country. Tough actions have been taken since long to fight against this phenomenon but alas! It is more and more increasing causing more harm to our people.

Lots of measures have been applied by the authorities at the immigration office, the port, such as narcotic controls led by custom officers, anti-drug and smuggling units, sniff dogs, scanners, cameras and the National Coast Guard, but instead this dirty business is flourishing in a hyper speed day by day despite major surgical intervention are being carried out on the ground.

It is a remarkable fact that most Asian countries are turning to the main drug consuming points all over the world. It has reached an epidemic level. It is emerging as a dramatic symptom of rapid behavioural, social, economic and political change. It has resulted in a catastrophic situation of utter frustrations and anxieties among our youths merged up in the ongoing development process beyond their comprehension and control and yet they have terminated their course in the depth of hopelessness and start expressing utter anti-social behavior.

Mauritius has become one of the most drug trafficking, drug dealing and drug consuming abode in this region. Who is not aware that a supposed open war had been declared since the eighties by the authority? Commission of enquiries was set up to reach to the bottom of these nightmarish calamities but what happened at the end of the day? The situation became more dramatic. It is just unbelievable to witness that after four decades later the situation has become more explosive.

The commission of enquiry carried out by the former Justice Paul Lam Shang Leen has provoked an unprecedented quake which shook the soil of drug business from the bottom to the top and revealed many secrets up to now. Perhaps if this commission will do its job in total independence without interference, it will no doubt overthrow the underworld hidden treasures.

It will be “ the time of reckoning” when the ‘aatmas’ of those who have been heartlessly butchered by the poisonous dope of drugs, will speak out from their graves to unveiled the true face, the location, the whereabouts and the hides of their culprits.

This Commission has unveiled the true face of the narcotics business. An unprecedented unfolding event has appeared on our horizon to show how the vicious chains are linked with organized crimes. People are discovering more and more about their sponsors, promoters, traffickers, dealers, traders, processors, middlemen, suppliers, purchasers, informers, consumers and predators who stood-up to carry out their raids upon their preys in street-corners and appointed integrated satellite moving, watching and peeping everything everywhere under the umbrella of the so-called anti-drug-fighters as if they have been appointed by God to save humanity. Such prophets of doom have always covered their face behind the mask of religions to win the heart of the common people and enroll them in this very painful blazing fire of hell.

Their links, their mode of operations and their highly sophisticated means and techniques of codes and communications are really amazing. The least error and mistakes committed in this satanic obscured world are unforgivable and may cost one’s life and those of their relatives and family members.

How far will this curse persist? How many more victims will it produce? Is there really any concrete method to eradicate this canker from devouring the life our co-citizen?  We often hear people asking the following: “A sak fwa ena arrestation et sezi rekor la drog ena ene penurie artifisiel lor marché, prix la pran lassenceur. Ki faire avek la drog ki fin sezi? Eski li retourn lor marché enkor en passant par ene serk vissié ek refaire surface? Comission la drogue bizin approfondi zot lanket pou ariv au fond de sa monde sousmarin la.  Nou esperer ki sa pas alle evaporer quelque part sans ki ena suite ».  This is how the « sans voix » voices out nights and days to express their nightmares since decades but “who cares”?