[Editorial] Are we still under the spell of neo-colonialism?


Man is generally influenced by the environment in which he lives, but frankly speaking it is his mind which teaches him to twist these bits and pieces existing in his environment to suit his various purposes in his life. It is not the material world which determines his consciousness, but it is his consciousness that determines the use to which he is going to put his material resources.

Everything is stored in his mind before it can be transformed into actions. It is a believable fact that productive forces do not develop automatically, but they are developed by human intellect. Though man is influenced by his environment, yet he cannot regard it as mere formless plasticity poured into the cast of material existence. He has all the powers within him to change his surroundings and make them more suitable and more comfortable.

Our country has now entered its 49th year of its independence. The visible chain of colonialism has been broken and we claim loudly from the top of the world that we have become a free nation. Our National Anthem is being recited in all the institutions of the country since 12th of March 1968. We are really proud of that despite the fact that we have been facing one crisis after another. This is due to the print that the colonialists have left behind them and which is still haunting the mind of certain categories of people.

Lots of effort have been made to erase the impression of the colonial bestial mentality, the symptoms are apparent and vivid everywhere in the form of racism, communalism and religious extremism.

We are not really taking a serious notice of those symptoms which are gaining power and practically depriving our nation from a common ideology.

Being a model of multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-linguistic homeland, a homeland rarely visible in the world map, we have to struggle hard to maintain peace and harmony in order to play a model role in the eyes of the international communities.

We are proudly brandishing the slogan of ‘Equal opportunity’ and ‘democratization of economy’ aiming at leveling down our social and economic differences, but factually the hegemonic domination of the neo-colonialism is damaging the fabric of our rainbow nation and paving the way to perpetuating racial propensities in order to ignite intestinal disorders mainly with the intention to divide and rule.  The true sense of patriotism has almost been eclipsed behind the heavy dark smoke of hatred, animosity, revenge, political vendetta and rancor.

Once our country has attained its independence, our nation has nurtured the hope in their heart to see the ship of exploitation to sink in the deep ocean of doom but still the change of our outlook as a free nation is far-reaching.

We still remember that soon after the colonialists left our territory,  an extreme crisis of identity appeared on the horizon which veiled the different cells that our ancestors gathered and unified them into one entity and built up a nation based on ‘unity in diversity’ against all heavy odds of that dark age. Later on it was proudly named as a ‘rainbow nation’. It was something unimaginable at that particular period but not unrealizable.

All the efforts of our ancestors were focused towards the slogan of “unity in diversity” to allow all communities living side by side without any major problems and reinforced the ‘elan de patriotism’ among our co-citizens and erased all those elements which are bound to nurture hatred and dissensions in order to save us from standing at the threshold of apocalypse.