Everybody knows how easy it is to preach high ideals and how difficult it is to practice them in major personal, social and political conflicts. The primary duty and foremost moral obligation of human being is the respect and care for others’ life and security. It is considered to be the birth right of each and everyone in the real sense. One has no right to escape from them at any cost.

Men had the sense of rights and duties even in the primitive age. Whether we want it or not, once we are born in this world we have no other choice but to strive hard to survive. This is inevitable.

Actually men are generally being influenced by political leaders, inspired by film stars and crammed by opinion leaders. Thus they have the tendencies to lose the notion of truth, honesty and what is really happening around them. Their minds are being mechanized and are unable to make use of them and prevent them to think properly, as if they are being compelled to think with others’ mind which is not fair at all. Keen observers are of opinion that these people have become mere complex of automaton and are being manipulated as robots. More precisely they function as an unconscious organic machine. Human rights, law and order and others safety and welfare are empty things for them.

Such individuals are harmful for the society just like plastic bags which is potential danger to the environment. They become easy prey in the hands of their predators who are none but dirty politicians who always use to recite only one mantra while holding the “sapelet” of power between their fingers “gouvernement dan nou la main” which is extremely dangerous for the country.

They have always used these plastic bags to fill them with all kinds of garbage mainly to pour it in the mind of the mob which is considered to be a waste-basket. Due to lack of intellect, bootlickers believe that they are extremely powerful and are of view that cramping under the stinky feet of their masters means sitting on the top of the world.

Naa cheez gulaam ke sar par gadhon ka taaj rakh kar raja ke bhess mein shaahi darbaar ke chaukahat par pairon talé kuchalne ka mazaa kuch aur hi hai.
Ghulaam ko logon se kya lena dena hai. Chaahe oussé gaali doun, chahe oussé maaroun peetoun, ous ko kya parwaa. Papa kahe, mera gadha gadhon ka raja aur mammi kahe: ‘beta bhool gaya ke sirf mammi ke pairon tale Jannat hai. Yaa rabba tou ne sab kuch lutaa dya nikamma kahin ka, tumhaara jaisa bad naseesb aaj tak mein ne dunya mein nahin dekha.

Such individuals are restless and tends to adopt strange behavior. Feeling, love joy, sorrow, the sense of sacred, the sense of right and wrong, appreciation of beauty, in short, all things that are matter of life are null and void for them. “La loi du pli fort” becomes their main “sapelet”, « to cozé to endan ».

Social history of man bears testimony that the mind of such individuals become inert to such an extent that even X-Rays or Scanners can never penetrate to detect what are really going inside their brain. They use petty languages and dirty expressions out of their rotten mouths. Violence, defiance of law and order, corruption, propagation of social illness and persecution become their hobbies. The heavy waves of crimes, rapes, drug-trafficking, and so many other fraudulous activities are increasing everywhere.

People around them get fed up but can do nothing out of fear. They live in a very painful atmosphere. Such intimidation not only affect the common people but also competent law enforcement authorities are set on edge.

It is high time to restore our society with true moral, cultural, human and religious values and to recast all our corners on the pillars laid by our ancestors which have been cautiously handed to us as a trust to transmit them to our future generation. Only those values can teach us how to live side by side to nurture true sense of fraternity based on patriotism.