Mother’s lap is the primarily most secured habitat which extends natural heat, love, affection and compassion and generates magnetic energies to child’s body to maintain parental force of gravity binding not only on blood relation but also on unbreakable spiritual relationship.

A paradox is to be noted here that all our elemental gravitational forces experienced in every sphere of life attract each and every one towards global human brotherhood and it is the Decree of God, the Creator, sustainer and Most High which cannot be curbed or simply denied.

Hats off to our ancestors who have done everything to preserve this God-given most precious gift for centuries even though they lived in absolute poverty and unsecured habitat where they underwent varying seasonal, social, institutional and environmental inclemencies and had to face the hardships of life.

Unfortunately, behaviourists who claim to be the architects of the new world order, brought an unprecedented revolution at the beginning of  the eighteenth century to change this process to a new one, the so-called new social transmission of tradition to mould man’s behavioural course in a continual interchange of genetic flow with the passage of time and habitat.

Methodologically the magnitude of this genetic flux is only possible when the inter-breeding system of the gene-flow within our own species will be drastically modified in relation to evolution’s time-scale on account of man’s embryonic stage and the lengthened period of infantile age. Normally the breeding in the embryonic stage goes for six months and two years from mother’s breast in her lap after delivery.

By adopting this method they have deliberately tried to destroy the stock of natural selection and eliminated the socio-genetic system progressively with erroneous unexperimental and unverified data and information.

Evolutionists believe that the mind of man evolve under the action of selection because the habit is often fashioned by the changes of the mode of habitat, environment, food, and mode of locomotion. It certainly brings a sort of behavioral shift in human species.

Our body is not a mere complex of electron, proton or mass of flesh and bones, but it is composed of all the components that exist in the macrocosmic phenomenal world. Surely his existence is originated from those elements. They are termed as fire, air, water and clay. All consist of countless energies. Man, as microcosmic existence is a combination of celestial, atmospheric, marine and terrestrial elements. Therefore as a sublime creature he cannot escape from those natural selections and he is compelled to function in connection with the macrocosmic massive and colossal energies linked with his microcosmic existence.

It is regretful to note that we have reduced this sublime existence to a mere physio-chemical epiphenomenon. We should stop once for all to treat him as unconscious organic machine.

Family life which is the basic unit of our solid social structure, has been replaced by kindergarten. It has notoriously smashed the mechanism of heredity. The so-called socialization process has failed to proceed further in the developments of the natural powers and furnishing incentives which involve the formation within his mind of some mental factors which carry out parental legitimate authorities. However, these institutions have attacked the private parental homes and have robbed mothers’ laps which is supposed to be the best shelter where a baby feels highly secured and protected.  This is the only place where a child receives the bodily heat which generates plenty of energies within his physical, mental and spiritual complex.

Nature has equipped the entire maternal organism as unique laboratory which provides appropriate dose of milk which is fit for the stomach of the new-comer as soon as he is born. This dose increases day by day as per the development of his physical development, adapted to his fragile body with appropriate temperature and changes gradually until two and a half years’ of age.

There is no substitute to replace breast-feeding and no alternative could be sought for it. That is the main reason why motherhood should be protected against all kinds of contaminated foods and drinks, air and sound pollutions, filthy languages and ugly words at any cost, for they are subjected to different kinds of diseases which can badly affect a fetus as from the embryonic state and breast feeding to the warmest affectionate cradle.

Breastfeeding generates an everlasting inspiration, courage, energy, force, strength and power of struggling to enable a child to overcome every obstacle and challenge in life. The magnetic force of blood-relation between the mother and the child pours firmly the gravitational attraction which can never be curbed or cracked down. Depriving man from this primary gift assassinates his soul and spirit badly and consequently his life is turned to hell.

Unfortunately man-made cruel process has heartlessly snatched children from their primary maternal institution to poor substitutes’ institutions. It is to be considered a tragedy to deprive the new-born from the very first complementary relation that should exist between the body of the mother and the body of the child. It is against the primary gravitational force of the family home. The industrial revolution in the eighties has brought about a major change in the mode of living our co-citizens in a general sense. Motherhood and maternity home have suffered a severe blow and everything has turned upside down.

Mothers have been conditioned for months and have been prepared to leave their homes and their dearest one for a segregated and completely strange spot to people who are unknown to them and have been handed over to strangers to give birth to their children more often in extreme conditions on a delivery table which is designed to only facilitate the task of the obstetricians rather than to allow the children’s own weight to assist their own birth.

Many have complained that the very first cry of newly born children is often induced with vigorous slap. This is how heartlessly these guests land in this strange world.  Some even go further to say that mothers are being deprived from hearing the very first cry, as they are under deep anesthesia. Researches in the gynecologist’s field have advocated that the very first cry has a functional role in helping the uterus of the mother to contract. The most unfortunate new-comer is placed somewhere in a separate bed, his lips are pressing each other searching for the breast for sucking the very first God-gifted regulated diet with appropriate dose and temperature fit for his fragile stomach. He is being deprived from this primary contact with the body of one who had protected him in a most secured place and fed him with hard labour for nine months. Here they have failed to reward this innocent creature his due.

Breast-feeding is more often abandoned and replaced by supplementary feeding such as glass bottle sealed with rubber nipple as if the health and well-being of the child depends on material machine-like precision. The child learns that contacts between him and his mum has a certain forms at particular moments just for a while. Failure to feed him, failure to nurse him and failure to hold him in mother’s lap weakened the maternal force of gravity and give him almost external material and physical touch. The replacement of material devices have badly blinded the child’s personal relation and intimately affectionate relation with his parents. Nevertheless, mechanical gadgets have also contributed largely in depersonalizing the existing pure and sacred ties that reinforce this relationship in accordance with the Will of Nature.

Complementary relation between mother’s body and the child’s body substituted a relation between the child and an object which imitates mother’s breast which is no longer natural and lack of the supposed magnetic attraction. It certainly retards his growth and defaces his personality.

In 1930, in a White House conference on Child Health and Protection held in America had stated that Institutional care for the most part had produced uninspired and spiritless individuals poorly adjusted to the outside world. It confirms that Nursery schools and kindergarten have seriously damaged institution like maternity home even if some believe that this process goes on to its perfection.

Most great thinkers, philosophers, psychologists and all major religions of the world are unanimous on that point that the first and foremost university is the mother’s lap. The latter energizes man physically, mentally, morally, psychologically, socially, psychically and spiritually. No room is left in any part of human existence without the sacred maternal inspiration.

Mother’s love, compassion and affection circumnavigate in every clot of blood running in every organ, cell and artery of man as far as he is alive and the interconnection remains even after his departure in the hereafter whether in the soul world or in the spiritual world. Man cannot escape from believing on a Supreme Creator beyond matter watching everything from above. This is the starting point of the inculcation of moral principles and codes of conduct which culminate in the belief of Divine Powers that are beyond challenge. The reinforcement by fostering the same, develops a psychological internalization of a Supreme Authority that nurture an altruistic behavior within his inner self and protect him against individual selfish desires.

Unfortunately we just simply deny these realities based on factual truth and realities. Nevertheless, the maternal delivery bay within the maternity home which was supposed to be a remarkable behavioral pattern played a significant role in fostering the spirit of altruism upon which our social fabrics were set up. This is now notoriously drab and barren and has terminated its course in the “hell” of this satanic world.

Consequently such process has smashed the real and original one in contradiction with the exigencies of man’s natural requirements. It is regrettable to say that the world has witnessed an unprecedented revolt of teenagers against the teachings, traditions and practices and being subjected to the selective ongoing process of critical skeptics.

The tendencies of repudiating moral and ancestral religious values have diverted man’s existence from almost all values, meanings and purposes. These tendencies have brought catastrophic results in the process of human development in true sense by pushing them in a world apart from the original one.  Anything that is considered to be old is of no value for such individuals.

They feel bored and fall in a moral, mental, psychological and psychical emptiness after being baked under the heat of such burning atmosphere.  In such a condition of life they are compelled to believe that there is nothing in this world of permanent value except transitory temporal pleasures which they tend to perpetuate even if they will cost them their health, careers, blood and mutual relations and even their own life. These propensities have brought about a behavioral shift and changed the course of life in a general sense. A different kind of behavioral pattern has been set up by the so-called civilized world and has pitilessly curbed them in a sadistic posture.

Psycho-analysts and behavioral researchers are of the opinion that such individuals are inclined to devilish instincts and are motivated by perversion and can never cope with the problems of life.