MTPA: Promote Mauritius as a successful nation celebrating its 50 years of Independence


As part of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority’s contribution to Mauritius 50 years of Independence celebrations, a global project has been launched with BBC to present the destination throughout its platforms as a successful nation celebrating its 50 years of Independence ; and at the same time present Mauritius as THE place to visit. Looking back and facing forward will be the driving element of the films and the content will be a celebration of the best that Mauritius has to offer, past, present and future.

The project will encompass two main films: a feature and a factual documentary film to promote the uniqueness of the Mauritian destination. The film ‘Miracles’ will be a picture postcard tour, driven by a trustworthy voice over, and will mark a special moment as Mauritius progresses as a nation. It will showcase the achievements of Mauritius’ culture and authenticity and will help to better promote the destination.

The second one, ‘Visions’ is a chorus of Mauritian voices taking the viewers in the fascinating and creative aspects of their lives. The film will show diversity and the hand-in-hand creative film treatment will be inspired by Lame Dan Lame. It will amplify how people collaborate and reflect on how they are inspired by their surroundings and influenced by the visitors to Mauritius. The film will show that connectedness is a Mauritian quality and that Mauritius is a perfect place to visit. The short thematic films, based on various themes, will expand on the breadth, success and potential of the island, as well as its international position around key themes: Conservation, Adventure, Inspiration, Fusion and Progress).

In total, 241 spots have been broadcast in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, South Asia, Middle East, Latin America and North America. The project will run until May 2018.